What We Do

Span improves corporate performance through the implementation of tailored and embedded Operations Management Systems and Operating Models.

Operational discipline is the foundation for improving performance and achieving operational excellence. When disciplined, operations execute consistently, respond effectively to change, and reliably forecast production. This provides the foundation for continuous improvement and innovation. Through our implementation process SPAN bridges three critical gaps your organization will encounter as it strives to become operationally disciplined.

The first gap exists between your organization’s expectations and the appropriate Operations Management System (OMS) and Operating Model design to make them a reality. SPAN bridges this gap through a tailored and efficient design process and the thoughtful integration of key commitments including regulatory requirements, standards, corporate goals and stakeholder expectations.

The second gap exists between the completed design and the effective implementation of the OMS and Operating Models. SPAN bridges this gap by embedding the OMS and Operating Models into the operations, allowing aligned, disciplined execution from the head office to field operations.

The third gap exists between completed implementation and your organization’s capability to then sustain operational discipline and continuous improvement. SPAN bridges this gap through effective knowledge transfer and the development of internal competency. Further, OCTANE™, a Software as a Service offering by SPAN, systematizes OMS processes throughout operations, and provides integrated data management and holistic reporting. This makes the management system visible, intuitive and highly efficient, thus supporting positive culture change. By using OCTANE™, less time is spent designing and maintaining the OMS, meaning more time gets spent on improving operations.