Audit and Assurance Services

A cornerstone of any top-tier organization’s ability to verify operational discipline is the relevant, effective application of audit and assurance processes.

This means assurance activities are aligned with stakeholder needs and are risk-based, resource-optimized and integrated. This integrated approach to assurance, from field operations to corporate, validates and verifies that operational performance is being achieved, risks are being mitigated and commitments are being met. Boards and Executives demand a clear line of sight into your organization, and SPAN designs, implements and embeds operational audit and assurance programs to meet all needs.

The foundation of our Audit and Assurance services is the core group of certified and experienced SPAN consultants who actively perform audits and assessments that support management system development and improvement. We can increase the level of objectivity and confidence as required, right up to performing fully independent 3rd party audits. We also evaluate assurance programs, using a specialized in-house approach to benchmark program suitability, adequacy and effectiveness, and identify value-add improvements.