Accelerant For Management Systems

SPAN has developed OCTANE™, a software that accelerates the design, implementation and sustainment of your Management System.


Often, when implementation is complete, the management system does not have the desired impact because your organization lacks the appropriate tools to track, manage and integrate information for effective decision-making and reporting of results.

Experience has shown that data managed in a myriad of SharePoint sites and Excel spreadsheets, across multiple locations and teams, makes aggregation of information nearly impossible. This makes it challenging to effectively embed the management system throughout the organization.

As a result, acceptance and ownership of the management system is not assumed by operations and your organization doesn’t change its behavior or culture.

OCTANE™ by SPAN addresses all of these challenges. Once the design and implementation work is complete, you are left with a tool that enables and sustains the management system, helping you achieve embedment and thus operational discipline.

Octane Implementation

A Fresh new software platform designed for operations first, to engage your organization and help you:

Align Multiple Frameworks

OCTANE™ provides the capability for an organization to publish its own management system and program frameworks all in one tool. The multi- framework authoring and inter-linking creates line of sight into how the management system, programs, processes and standards all align under one common architecture.

Map Regulatory Requirements

OCTANE™ enables users to input key regulatory requirements and industry standards and map them to the management system and programs. This allows all management system data to be reported in the format of the regulation or standard, allowing for easy compliance with 3rd party requirements and audit support.

Perform self-assessments

OCTANE™ offers a simple to use interface for all groups, including field operations, to perform their own assessments. It provides an intuitive way to capture current state information, score themselves and identify gaps on the fly. All of this information is aggregated and can be viewed in real-time dashboards.

Consolidate gaps

OCTANE™ allows real-time consolidation of gap information. Gaps identified through assessments, or other means, can be linked to verified gaps identified elsewhere within your organization. This approach of consolidating gaps means there is less redundancy and noise in gap management, while maintaining traceability and visibility for operations of their specific gap. Our gap workflow ensures that operations are in control of their gaps so even when their gap is consolidated, and closed by another group; only the operations can identify the gap is actually closed.

Manage one action portfolio

OCTANE™ provides portfolio management of improvement projects. As gaps are selected for resolution, they became actions. Activities in flight to close the gap can all be tracked as a single portfolio within OCTANE – whether a small simple action like updating and embedding process documentation, or a large project such as kicking off a maintenance and reliability program.

Create custom dashboards

OCTANE™ has been designed with a role based interface to simplify usage. Dashboards and reports are preset for each role distinguishing between an operational group, framework or expectation owner. Dashboards provide a high level view of assessed maturity, gaps, actions and how these have changed over time from the enterprise through to operational groups.

Integrate risk registers

OCTANE™ allows groups to create their own risk registry, with inherent and residual risk tracking, supporting the regular assessments of these risks. Through the gap workflow, new approaches to remediate these gaps can be initiated. When completed, residual risk can be reassessed. Gap and action tracking is integrated with management system workflow.

Access from anywhere

OCTANE™ is a Software as a Service offering, with little to no start up effort. It is cloud based but can be deployed on enterprise systems and supports integrated authentication with Microsoft and Google. It is accessible from any internet connected location on any device.