Operating Models

Today’s organizations are complex, and for most staff it is difficult to understand their team’s function, and sometimes even their own individual role.

This often leads to performance challenges, unmotivated employees, wasted effort, or poor delivery. An Operating Model aligns staff to achieve goals through well-defined services and effective management of capabilities.

SPAN specializes in the design, implementation and embedment of Operating Models at any scale, be it a department, team or entire organization. Through our approach, we guide leadership and employees to develop a tactical model that includes

your internal and external customer requirements, service design, people, processes and systems to execute services, job descriptions, RACIs, team collaboration and reporting.

In order to build a high performing team that delivers repeatable results each employee needs a common aligned vision of what’s expected and the value they add. Having an Operating Model doesn’t mean creativity is constrained, it simply enables teams to innovate and continuously improve within their own manageable framework.