Supporting Services

One of the most critical, yet understated challenges is the inability to organize, access and leverage information.

Current State and GAP Assessments

Understanding your challenges and opportunities in a proactive and objective way is key to effectively planning, prioritizing and making improvements. SPAN performs current state and gap assessments to help you understand where you are today and what you do next to achieve your goals. Whether you need a light assessment for planning purposes or a more formal and verifiable assessment for the Executive or Board, SPAN’s scalable assessment processes and capable assessors match every situation to gather information and make the recommendations you need to move forward.

Training Development and Delivery

A critical component of building capability and operational discipline within your organization is formal training. SPAN has experience in the development of training programs and courses in all formats, from classroom training to computer-based training and everything in-between. We focus on your organization’s learning objectives and tailor the materials, messaging and delivery methods to meet them, in alignment with change management objectives.

Project & Portfolio Management

Effective and efficient project management is necessary to guarantee projects are done deliberately, on time, on budget, and that improvements are embedded and sustainable. SPAN provides tailored project management services based on project complexity and need, supported by the right experience and expertise. SPAN uses a common sense, transparent, outcome-based approach with just enough administrative oversight so resources are applied where they are needed – on the project.

SPAN designs and implements portfolio management capability that can be tailored to a centralized PMO approach or a more distributed approach. It will provide visibility of all initiatives, business benefits, risks, and alignment with strategic objectives. When your organization suffers from “initiative overload” or “initiative fatigue”, how you manage portfolios needs to become more efficient and meaningful.

Process Development & Continuous Improvement

Improving business processes and increasing process maturity is key to tackling the ever-increasing complexity of today’s business environment; but while doing it, don’t make things more complex! SPAN provides simplified prioritization techniques, process models and accountability structures as foundations for improvement.

More complex process improvement can be achieved by leveraging approaches like Lean, Six Sigma and similar techniques. SPAN works with you to refine existing processes to quantitatively increase efficiency and address risk. Once processes have been refined, SPAN provides support to sustain change through ongoing self-assessment, change management and improvement techniques. Keeping it simple the whole time.

Operational Risk Management

Effective operational risk management processes continuously feed you valuable information on the state of your operations and allow you to prevent or mitigate problems before they occur. SPAN helps gather risk information from all levels of your organization and aggregate it into meaningful reports for decision making by leadership, corporate groups or field operations. SPAN provides the expertise and processes to create a risk framework to effectively manage risk and drive improvement including matrices, risk registers and reporting methods.

Information Management

One of the most critical, yet understated challenges is the inability to organize, access and leverage information. Poor information management is the root cause of many issues, such as incorrect procedures being used or people wasting time locating or recreating information. Visibility to information that matters when it matters is key and SPAN develops the governance, processes, tools, culture and approach to leverage one of your organization’s greatest assets: information.

Standards, Commitments, and Regulatory Integration

Using a management system approach, supported by project management and change management rigour, SPAN provides services to hardwire external commitments such as standards, regulatory requirements and stakeholder interests into core operations.

Instead of layering on new programs and standing up teams to champion new requirements, SPAN helps to effectively integrate and embed those requirements by aligning them with existing systems and processes, then adjusting the way you work to account for the change. Done properly, you will be amazed at how often new commitments can be met with only minor adjustments to existing practices.

Faciliation & Organizational Change Management

Most organizations have all the technical solutions they need but still find improvement projects fail. SPAN’s facilitation and organizational change management services are designed to fully embed change and knowledge into your organization.

SPAN provides expertise and experience in all commonly applied change management practices and tools such as Kotter’s 8-steps and Prosci’s ADKAR®. Our embedment philosophy means change is not done until it is seamless to your organization. We focus on the leaders and employees who are affected by change most. We engage early through effective facilitation, create alignment and identify risks, develop communication and change plans, and assist with training, coaching and mentoring to transfer knowledge throughout your organization.