What We Do

SPAN improves corporate performance through the implementation of tailored and embedded operations management systems and operating models.

Operational discipline is the foundation for improving performance and achieving operational excellence. When disciplined, operations execute consistently, respond effectively to change, and reliably forecast production. This provides the foundation for continuous improvement and innovation. Through our implementation process SPAN bridges three critical gaps your organization will encounter as it strives to become operationally disciplined.

How We Work

We help organizations increase their operational discipline, through the design and implementation of operations management systems and operating models.

In order to create momentum on a project, we apply our Body of Knowledge in a flexible way that suits your business. This is a collection of approaches, techniques and tools we have developed over the years to support the design, embedment and sustainment of your OMS and Operating Models. We immerse ourselves in your environment, ensuring we understand all stakeholder perspectives and the corporate culture. SPAN’s value proposition is to be sensitive to your way of working. Our differentiator is how we apply just enough method to move things forward, while at the same time help fix immediate operational issues.


Operations Management Systems

In the current business environment, organizations face ever-increasing challenges to be profitable and grow while at the same time, meet stakeholder expectations and manage risks. Managing these pressures requires a broader focus than the core business of operating the assets. The key to success is seamlessly embedding consistent organizational requirements into day-to-day operations and establishing a culture of transparent continuous improvement. A management system does this.


Operating Models

Today’s organizations are complex, and for most staff it is difficult to understand their team’s function, and sometimes even their own individual role. This often leads to performance challenges, unmotivated employees, wasted effort, or poor delivery. An Operating Model aligns staff to achieve goals through well-defined services and effective management of capabilities.


Audit & Assurance Services

A cornerstone of any top-tier organization’s ability to verify operational discipline is the relevant, effective application of audit and assurance processes. This means assurance activities are aligned with stakeholder needs and are risk-based, resource-optimized and integrated. This integrated approach to assurance, from field operations to corporate, validates and verifies that operational performance is being achieved, risks are being mitigated and commitments are being met.



Often, when implementation is complete, the management system does not have the desired impact because your organization lacks the appropriate tools to track, manage and integrate information for effective decision-making and reporting of results. OCTANE™ by SPAN addresses all of these challenges. Once the design and implementation work is complete, you are left with a tool that enables and sustains the management system, helping you achieve embedment and thus operational discipline.

  • Current State & Gap Assessments
  • Training Development & Delivery
  • Project & Portfolio Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Information Management
  • Standards, Commitments & Regulatory Integration
  • Process Development & Continiuous Improvement
  • Facilitation & Organizational Change Management